Monster machine

This thing was LOUD when in operation!

A couple of years ago Sher and I were visiting our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in the Austin area.  We found an RV park  reasonably close to the family’s home. This campground was at the time in a major expansion project.

The pictured trench digging machine was in use during working hours. The dolomitic rock was not exceptionally hard, so no jack hammering was required, but this trenching machine really was loud and shook the ground if you were within about 40 feet or so. I did enjoy watching this machine operate.

8 thoughts on “Monster machine

  1. That is a monster trencher. It’s really enjoyable to watch large machinery in action. Workmen removed a light pole near the office building and they are replacing it with a cell tower. They had huge augers drilling a 36 inch by 10 feet deep hole to set in a 30 inch by 10 feet long sono tube to pour the concrete for the tower’s foundation. I watched bits of the bits at work.

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