Sacred Devils Tower

Remember this from the 1977 “Close Encounters” movie?

Close up shot of the columnar structure. Each “column” is about 8 feet across!

The Devils Tower is a sacred site to Native Americans and is an NPS National
Monument. Located in the Black Hills of northeastern Wyoming, this remarkable geologic butte stands nearly 900 feet tall from it base to the top. The rock is igneous and was formed when the molten lava intruded into layers of sedimentary rocks. Those rocks weathered away, leaving the Devils Tower that we see today.

There is interesting history of both the geology of the tower, as well as the history of human involvement of the site. This was the first National Monument, so designated ten years before the National Park Service was founded. Study the Devils Tower website for details about the park, its history and current covid restrictions.

We visited Devils Tower back in 2015.

36 thoughts on “Sacred Devils Tower

  1. It’s like our Cabezon, which is over 1,100 feet from its base, but the Devil’s Tower has cleaner edges. Volcanic plugs are neat looking features and it is understandable why they would be considered sacred. There are a lot of small plugs sticking up in the Rio Puerco valley.

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  2. I always loved Close Encounters but assumed the tower was a prop in the movie – We were planning a road trip to Wyoming/ Sth Dakota in 2014 – I just couldn’t believe it when I saw this on the map!!! Needless to say, it was included in the itinerary!!!

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