Bad news and pretty good news

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Which do you want first?  Ok, the bad news: We had appointments for our first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine scheduled for 3 PM this afternoon. Last night the State Department of Health sent us text messages stating that due to the impending snow storm our appointments were cancelled. Rats!

This large storm is all over the news. It is touted as one that affects millions and millions of people. (When did they start tallying how many are affected by snow, rain, hurricanes, etc.) We had about an inch of snow overnight. The big storm is supposed to hit here about 3 PM dumping up to 9 inches they say.

Oh yea, the good news. This morning we called the information number for vaccine scheduling. First we found out that after our appointments today were cancelled that we went to the back of the line. We were able, however, to get scheduled for next week on the 23rd. We will have to go to an adjoining county’s hospital, about a 20 mile drive. (The  soonest we could get in our county was March 15th.)

So we’re losing 8 days, and don’t yet know which vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, so we don’t know about timing the second dose. We had made reservations at an RV park in Florida based on our first appointment date, but may have to change them. Time will tell.

41 thoughts on “Bad news and pretty good news

  1. I’m sorry you had to reschedule. I was very thankful that my parents were able to get both of their shots without issues. I have had people I know tell me they have had to schedule their shots with neighboring counties because of the inability to get appointments here. Hopefully your trip will not need to be changed.


  2. You guys are lucky to be getting your vaccines down there. Up here in Canada, our PM didn’t do his job and we MAY be getting them by the fall. We’re retired too and looking forward to the day when we can do some road trips. A storm is supposed to be coming our way tonight too (Toronto). Good luck with your vaccines!

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  3. qua in Italia per ora con i vaccini andiamo a rilento, anche se le persone anziane e i medici sono stati i primi ad essere vaccinati, ma c’è moltissimo lavoro da fare e si teme per le varianti del virus…


  4. Stay safe and best of luck on your upcoming rescheduled appointment. I volunteered at a vaccine site a few days ago, and was impressed by how organized the flow was and how grateful the shot recipients were.


  5. Yeah, the vaccine rollout has been a real crap shoot, even more so in Canada, as supply is intermittent. Our son who works with Covid patients has received his first shot but has had his 2nd shot postponed 3 times and may get it this Sunday, 5 weeks later. As for us, I am not holding my breath. Perhaps in late April/May. Hope it all works out for you. Stay well. Allan

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