Unexpected and surprising good news

In case you missed our last post, our COVID vaccine appointments were canceled due to the snow storm that basically buried the country.  OK, so yesterday our son and I went to Walmart to pick up one of my prescriptions. We almost didn’t go because I really didn’t need it til next week, and it was snowing at a pretty good clip.

My son went in to get the Rx. When he came out he told me the pharmacy tech had asked him if his parents had gotten their COVID vaccine yet. He told them no, their appointments were cancelled. She said for us to come in, they had extra vaccine today, no appointment needed!

I called Sher, told her the news, and to get ready. We drove back to the house and I changed into a shirt for easy baring of the arm. We were back at the Walmart soon, and within about 40 minutes we were vaccinated, held the safety 15 minutes after the jab, and had our follow up appointments made 30 days out.  What a great surprise on a snowy day.


58 thoughts on “Unexpected and surprising good news

  1. Excellent. And no hours of driving either. Mine is booked here in the UK at my local surgery for next Wednesday. Hooray. Hubby’s had his. Bad news is then I have to drive to a different local surgery for a blood test. Sigh.But still.

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  2. Congratulations! I heard that the Pharmacies will be getting the vaccine. I think they should have had them sooner, they are set up for vaccines re flu! When we got our flu shots it was an easy thing. They wiped down the chair and small table that was enclosed in a two-sided booth. By the time you can travel south the weather might be better.

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  3. Amazing the lengths some of us are going to for a vaccine! Some friends of mine drove 400 miles round trip for theirs and they’ll have to do it again for the second dose. I went hundreds of miles out of my way as well. It reminds me of the national effort to get everyone vaccinated for polio — all we had to do was go to school.

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  4. Good for you! There in Finland this process have been really slow. I don’t understand. We have under 6 millions residents here and we can’t get those vaccinated. Maybe sometimes it’s my turn…well, on summer I may could get the Pfizer vaccine which is the best. They said they may could get those more on summer. Right now they don’t have it and I’m actually scared of those other vaccines…

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  5. Thank you for the follow! 😊 Really loving reading your blog and adventures So happy to read this post!! Congratulations! That’s such a generous gesture from Walmart ❤ Hope you are not experiencing any side effects and that your family are all well 💪


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