Woke up, looked out, said wow

When we went to bed last night there was very little snow left on the ground,  Some light flurries were swirling around, but no measurable accumulation was forecast.

Every branch covered

Well, imagine our surprise when this morning we looked out and saw what was at least a six inch cover of fresh snow on the ground, tree branches flower pots and yard ornaments. In other words, winter in February in Indiana!

63 thoughts on “Woke up, looked out, said wow

  1. Your surprise by more snow is kind of like Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition. You got a beautiful photo out of it, and I assume more longing for sunny south Florida.The temps were near 70ºF here yesterday afternoon. That was after waking up and going out to shoot the moon in 15ºF temp.

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    • Dovremo ancora nevicare nei prossimi 3 giorni! Le nostre strade sono aperte alla guida, ma la neve aggiuntiva renderà alcune strade laterali molto scivolose e pericolose. Restiamo a casa dove fa caldo e asciutto. Grazie mille per la visita e il commento.

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