Carpet of leaves

A true sign of fall can be seen in yards and forested areas. A carpet of leaves has developed in our yard as can be seen in the image.  You can barely see the fence and mulched bed circling the maple tree.

Continue to follow recommended safety precautions. Avoid the virus.

12 thoughts on “Carpet of leaves

    • HaHaHa……those leaves are destined to be “mulched” and used as the over winter cover on the herb and flower gardens. Oh, and the stein and mug will be headed to Las Vegas tomorrow, both in the same box. (Get ready for more packing peanuts..LOL)

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      • Packing peanuts can be a nuisance but I dump them in the sink, then put them back in the box and seal it up. Thanks! As I’ve mentioned, I did many years worth of yard work as my job. Grinding leaves was an almost never ending job. Sometimes I’d grind until the snow covered them up! A blessing! 😂🤗

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      • I used to put the maple leaves on the garden plots and water them down. The next spring, when preparing the soil, digging the semi-rotted leaves into the soil was all I did with the leaves. worms and soil “critters” (bacteria, whatever) did the rest. In a relatively few years (three?), the soil was producing amazing produce. I put lawn trimmings on the garden during the growing season, so that added to the mix as well. I went from a clay soil to a rich loamy soil, a soil that was hard to dig and required lots of work to break down the clods to one that I could till with a garden spading fork that slipped into the soil without having to force it in with my foot. The latter soil was loose and rich in what my garden needed. The last year I lived there, my tomato plants grew to over 8 feet/ 2,4m tall (supported, of course!) and produced so many tomatoes I was making everything from herbed tomato plates for lunch to homemade tomato juice to use the abundance of tomatoes up. The short of it – well, that’s too late – is keep doing what you plan to do and you will be rewarded with healthy plants that are more resistant to insects and that produce more fruit and vegetables for your table!


      • Of course, I never used chemicals to kill insects because the plants took care of fighting off pests better for being so healthy. I never used chemicals on the lawn, either.


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