Been there a while now














This new sidewalk stone base has been laid out for quite some time. The traffic cone next to the engineering stake has been there long enough to become home to a plant that has finally made it to the light of day.  An example of slow construction progress?

11 thoughts on “Been there a while now

  1. Sounds like it’s in Philly. They’ll dig up part of a street, not even cone it off, and leave it for 6 weeks, 6 months, or the big oops… for all time.

    Love that Nature didn’t wait for them, must have started it’s own orange cone terrarium with oculus to reach towards and go through. Such an excellent picture that speaks volumes.

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  2. I had to laugh at this photo, great find!! A failure in the construction department. The stake looks well-weathered too. I used to work with a survey crew years ago, a tough job in winter!


      • That would be a smart idea! I remember trudging into the woods through deep snow, carrying the tripod and ‘gun’ to find state land permanent markers buried. Nice. Fun! Not.


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