When craftsmen signed their work




Back in the WPA days of the Depression, lots of streets and sidewalks were installed. The above images show imprints of a concrete company’s mark. These imprints used to be a very common sight around our town, however the years have taken their toll. Very few sections of original 1930’s sidewalks still exist, and fewer examples of the craftsman’s “signature”. I saw these on a walk today.

This somehow seemed to be a fitting post for Labor Day.  Sher and I wish you and yours a safe and healthy holiday, and remember to stay cautious.

8 thoughts on “When craftsmen signed their work

      • There are little metal disks in the cement. I’m probably the only person who knows they’re property line markers, put there ages ago by a man who used to live across the street. He worked for the city but I’ve never been clear on whether they were an official thing or something he did. I haven’t noticed them elsewhere but I also haven’t been looking.

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      • They’re not marked. The guy did a lot of stuff in the neighborhood during his younger years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the markers were his own project for some reason.


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