Four weeks worth of sapling tree growth

Four weeks ago we went to a local park where the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was sponsoring a tree give-away.  We ended up with two black cherry and three Tulip tree saplings. We got all five planted on the same day, and all of them seem to be thriving.

Tulip tree, May 23rd

Tulip tree, June 20th








Black Cherry, May 23rd

Black Cherry, June 20th









The Tulip tree is the State Tree of Indiana. Hopefully each start will continue to grow, and within a few years we’ll have some healthy trees filling our yard. The DNR program is a very good way to insure that property owners have access to trees for planting.

13 thoughts on “Four weeks worth of sapling tree growth

  1. It’s growing. Before you know it it will be big and you’ll have sweet memories of when it was a little whipper snapper of a sapling.


    • HeHeHe, that’s for sure. I want to live long enough to gather cherries from the Black Cherry trees and make some black cherry wine. According to what I’ve read I only have to live about 10 years for the first harvest. Piece of cake, I hope. 😉

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