Rose in bloom near a crime scene

A pretty bloom

Well, maybe not a crime scene, however some dastardly critter (most probably a rabbit) has stolen one of the two remaining rose buds from this rose bush. I suspect that the perpetrator of the rose bud theft is also responsible for the wanton destruction of a couple of our sweet corn seedlings in the garden.

26 thoughts on “Rose in bloom near a crime scene

    • Logistically fencing is not really an option, except maybe the garden plot. We are thinking about bird netting for the strawberry plants, as the robins are already racing us for the ripe berries!


  1. Rabbits can definitely be pests but I think I’d take them over squirrels any day of the week. Course it’s easy to say when you have two big dogs to chase them off. Squirrels however know their limitations and scurry up trees to cause damage out of the reach of pooches. Paws crossed you are able to enjoy the produce from your garden.


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