Garden preparations times two

Today I rented a rototiller from the local tool rental business. Sher and I had decided that we wanted a flower garden in the backyard. Our son also has a small vegetable plot out back, and we decided to greatly expand that garden as well.

Yes, that’s Maj tilling ground soon to be a flower garden

For the vegetable garden, we laid out a space about 14′ X 25′.  We figured that would give us plenty of room for a variety of goodies. The tiller was a powerful rear tine unit that worked very well. Our soil conditions were a tad bit too moist, but all in all a lot of good rich soil was turned. This ground has been under sod for decades, and will produce a plentiful harvest.

The vegetable plot, just tilled.

We have some starts already, soon to be planted in the vegetable plot. As things progress, we’ll share more photos showing the progress as things grow. We’re hoping that the flower garden and the vegetable garden will provide lots of enjoyment as well as some home grown food.

The State of Indiana is just beginning the Back On Track Indiana reopening process. Even with the so called back to normal date of July 4th, us senior citizens and those with health issues are still warned to be careful in public. We are yet to decide when and where circumstances will allow us to get out and travel.


16 thoughts on “Garden preparations times two

  1. Is that a Troy-Bilt tiller? I have an old Troy-Bilt tiller that I think my neighbor borrowed and still has it. Happy planting.


      • And reverse it you need it. I don’t remember what type of engine mine has. I had a Husqvarna mower with a Honda engine once, which was strange since Husqvarna is known for their engines.


  2. We just started our garden, too. (I live in Michigan). It’s a new experience for me since we just moved to the country. Our peas are coming up nicely, but we had a frost warning yesterday, so I’m not eager to play everything quite yet.

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