The saga of the beans

Time to harvest the first green beans from Roadtirement’s garden!

Pickin’ and grinin’

Pretty good batch









The first round of green beans were finally ready to be picked. We had watched the plants sprout from seed. We kept track as the plants grew and the little yellow flowers bloomed. And then one day Yes! There they were! The first of the cute little bean pods emerged from the plants! We checked each day, sometimes twice a day. As the pods grew in size we knew this day was coming: (Drum roll) Time to pick!

OK, that’s overly dramatic. It was, however,  gratifying to get a colander full of our own green beans. From the way the plants look, we will be able to harvest again soon.

Continued coverage of Roadtirement’s garden

Well, here we go with another photographic journey into Roadtirement’s garden progress.

Tomato July 9th

Tomato, July 14th









The tomato in the second picture (the 14th) is almost twice the size it was on the 9th. The position of the camera was different. I’m not the best getting good before and now comparison shots.

Quick, look over here

Well, I guess you don’t have to look quickly at all. But have a look at our Roadtirement green beans and lettuce.

Green beans








With the COVID-19 shutdowns, stay at home orders and our desire to not catch this virus, Sher and I and our son decided that this year we’d  try growing some different vegetables in our garden plot. We also increased the size of our garden. So far we have harvested lettuce three times for use on sandwiches. Yummy! And as you can see, the green beans have put on flowers and getting ready for the beans to grow.

So close to bloom

We have been watching this Asiatic Lily closely. We planted this last year when it was in bloom, and the growth this season has been impressive.




They say a watched pot never boils. The same idea fits flowers. We have been checking, sometimes twice a day. Yep, seems like a watched Asiatic Lily never blooms, but we’re getting close.

Progress continues on the flower garden

The past few days have been very productive in Roadtirement’s garden and landscape project list.  The primary task list included preparation for, and placing of a mulch base for the flower garden. Our son did most of this work.

A progression of progress

We still have a bit of mulch left to place. It will go around the old tree stump where Sher currently has a grouping of herbs. This stump may also end up as a Fairy Village.

Unfinished mulch job and placement of herbs on the stump

Close up view of one of the glacial rocks we collected for the garden







A better look at the “getting close to finished” project

In addition, Maj planted more trees that we got from the DNR. Our total tally ended up with two Black Cherry trees and three Tulip trees. We thought we only had two Tulip saplings,  when in fact we had three in the bundle.

Robins in the garden

This robin was enjoying a romp in the mulch looking for worms

There are lots of robins in neighborhood, and we are seeing lots of young, still growing birds in the yard. We have tilled up sod for our flower garden, and this freshly exposed soil has become a worm buffet for the robins and other birds.

Our bird feeder has really become a center of feathered activity. We are seeing an almost constant stream of birds feeding from the feeder. The larger birds, too big for the feeder’s small perches, are enjoying feeding on the ground where the seeds have fallen from the feeder. We daily see cardinals, starlings,  doves and the occasional Blue Jay. We saw a red headed woodpecker one day hanging from the bottom of the feeder. I was surprised to see a woodpecker on the seed feeder.

Don’t jump the gun as businesses start to open up again. Remember to follow the guidelines: masks, distancing, sanitizers and hand washing. Be safe and stay healthy!

Garden preparations times two

Today I rented a rototiller from the local tool rental business. Sher and I had decided that we wanted a flower garden in the backyard. Our son also has a small vegetable plot out back, and we decided to greatly expand that garden as well.

Yes, that’s Maj tilling ground soon to be a flower garden

For the vegetable garden, we laid out a space about 14′ X 25′.  We figured that would give us plenty of room for a variety of goodies. The tiller was a powerful rear tine unit that worked very well. Our soil conditions were a tad bit too moist, but all in all a lot of good rich soil was turned. This ground has been under sod for decades, and will produce a plentiful harvest.

The vegetable plot, just tilled.

We have some starts already, soon to be planted in the vegetable plot. As things progress, we’ll share more photos showing the progress as things grow. We’re hoping that the flower garden and the vegetable garden will provide lots of enjoyment as well as some home grown food.

The State of Indiana is just beginning the Back On Track Indiana reopening process. Even with the so called back to normal date of July 4th, us senior citizens and those with health issues are still warned to be careful in public. We are yet to decide when and where circumstances will allow us to get out and travel.


Roadtirement’s tomato plant growth

Photo taken April 19th

Photo taken April 27th








It was a week ago that we first showed you our tomato seedlings. Here is a picture taken just now, on the 27th. The peppers, bottom, are also continuing to grow, but not as fast as the tomatoes.  The tomatoes will probably need to be transplanted into a larger container very soon.

Keep up your safety protocols! Don’t slip up now, we’ve come too far…