River view and Indiana opening again

On one of our drives we came upon a pretty little river. The current was fairly fast flowing, and we did see some ducks on the river, and some folks in kayaks enjoying a nice day.

People in Indiana are slowly trying to get used to the “Back On Track Indiana” procedures. This is the first full weekend of the Stage 2 of the “reopening”. Restaurants are back at 50% capacity, travel restrictions are gone, and everybody is to wear masks anytime you are outside your residence, among other changes. If you are interested, you can see Indiana’s plan at this website.

20 thoughts on “River view and Indiana opening again

    • Oh my Timothy…LOL! We have had the urge to get out for a while now. We just do not know when we’ll feel safe getting back to traveling, or setting up and selling at the festivals and flea markets we usually participate in. Of course in this area due to restrictions it will be at least July 4th before festivals will be allowed to happen. And again, how we will set up and interact with the public will be a challenge too. Sigh, this damned virus sucks….. Thanks so much for the visit and the interaction, my friend.

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  1. Jacksonville announced phase 2 today. I’m still planning on social distancing for a few weeks to see what happens with more openings. I have trust issues with the lack of leadership in our country.


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