Saw a goose on a drive around town

Sher and I took advantage of our son again and had him drive us around town. There were lots of people out, mostly driving as it was rather chilly and windy. Not the best conditions for a walk.

I spotted this goose on a traffic island in a store parking lot. The goose just sat there when our car pulled up be side it, which allowed me to take these shots.  The goose’s mate saw us from across the lot and was walking (or should I say waddling) towards us as we pulled away.

15 thoughts on “Saw a goose on a drive around town

      • A couple of Canadian geese came in for a slide landing in the water on the river the other night. When they landed both geese tripped forward, sprang to their feet, and looked around honking (cursing I’m sure) with embarrassment. The water was only ankle deep on the geese. We laughed and laughed of their miscalculation. Although for their credit, it was pretty dark.

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    • They are year round here in the midwest. The droppings are a very real problem where there are building developments (office, apartments, strip malls, etc) with detention ponds. Hundreds of geese pooping all over sidewalks and parking lots. Yuck! Thanks for the visit and the comment. Hope you bird count continues to go well… and stay safe!

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