Roadtirement’s colorful companion

Meet our good luck Joker

This Joker has been our good luck traveling companion for quite a while. He has seen three different RV’s we have used: Two travel trailers and our current Class C motor home. Joker quietly observes where we go, what we see and also what we eat, as he hangs above the kitchen sink!

Just curious, do any of you  have a good luck object in your RV, car, truck, house or whatever?

Remember to  Stay Safe and Stay Healthy 


11 thoughts on “Roadtirement’s colorful companion

  1. It’s cute! I think of the framed photos in my living room as good luck, family is always watching me! I do still have that yellow Spongebob golf ball by the way… Wilson moved a bit last night.


  2. We have a stuffed snake hanging from a cupboard handle that we received upon checkin at Idaho Falls RV Resort and Campground. A stuffed pika sits in one of the cup holders in our dinette. We don’t consider them lucky charms. They are more whimsical objects that add a little color and interest to the fifth wheel.

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    • How fun! It is fun to have personal touches added to your RV. I am bad about leaving those mirror hanging gate passes for parks on the dash until the pile gets too deep. It is kind of a history…. Thanks for the visit and interesting comment.

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