Home is where you park it… What?

We received this cute towel as a nice gift this past winter from our Austin family.

“Home is where you park it” is a clever pun, really, referring to those who travel in RV’s. We have been in self isolation for the past eight weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twice now I’ve started and run both the RV’s engine and the on board generator. Best not to let the rig set idle for too long. The cute thing is that our towel is still correct in what it states: The RV is in the driveway next to our house, our home.

Sher and I are really looking forward to the day when our “Home” will be parked in an RV parking spot that is not the driveway of our home base house.

12 thoughts on “Home is where you park it… What?

  1. You are wise to start them up and run for a while. They are made to be used, setting idle is bad for them! I so hope you two can lock the base up and head out very soon. 🙏🏻


      • I can’t figure out some of the responses to Covid. Stores like Walmart, Lowe’s and Costco are closing all but one entrance, forcing people to line up, stand together, supposedly six feet apart, and wait to get into the stores. It’s idiocy. When they have all doors open and people are coming and going as normal they have much better separation than all lined up together waiting to get in. I’m sure the idiocy is coming from our clueless elected officials.


      • I just heard on the news to day that Walmart is now country wide going to have “one way aisles”. There are so many useless things being suggested, as you point out. Yep, the powers at be are seriously incompetent.

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      • They are already implementing oneway aisles. There were little signs on the floor the said Enter or Do Not Enter with arrows the direction you are supposed to go. People weren’t paying much attention to them. They also have six feet makers laid out on the floors and “stand here” makers at the checkout aisles. A lot of expensive signage on the floors. It’s like the stores that can stay open have to be punished by forcing them to put stupid, expensive signs everywhere.

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