Indiana extends shutdown and protests follow

Here’s some colorful phlox for you to see before today’s Roadtirement blog topic.

Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb has extended the state wide stay at home order from April 20th to May 1st. However, some restrictions are being lifted. Most of the non-essential elective surgery procedures will be allowed to continue. This has been so the PPE supplies were available for health care workers treating COVID-19 patients.Β  Apparently dental appointments will also now be allowed.

There were lots of folks protesting the shut down in front of the Governor’s Residence in Indianapolis over the weekend. The participants were not observing “social distancing” and few wore face masks. I appreciate the protesters’ right of free speech, but sorry, that was a really stupid way of doing it. They got the TV coverage they were after. But, people, the pandemic is NOT yet over. You can protest and do it within the current health and safety recommendations.

6 thoughts on “Indiana extends shutdown and protests follow

  1. Those folks are plain old stupid not wearing masks in close proximity. I get why they are angry but people have got to start using their brains if they have any. My dentist office is open… Accepting new patients. Just got home from pharmacy trip for my meds, wore my mask and slathered up with sanitiser.

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  2. I agree about the protesters. I just hope people realize the number of protesters is minute compared to the numbers of people who follow the guidelines and want safety before things are opened back up. Stay safe!


  3. I guess I know the reason behind the protests. But, still, I don’t get it. They have rights to protest, but others also have rights not to get infected.

    Stay safe! πŸ˜€


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