Sunset on a day of different doctor appointments

It was very nice this evening, and the sun setting greeted us as we stepped out into the back yard. Had to try a picture…

Sun disappearing below the trees. There is a unique feature in the photo: see it and know what it is?

The different doctor appointments? I had two today, one with my GP and one with my pulmonologist. What was really different was that both were tele-health (video) appointments. My doctors are not doing in office visits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good, because I would not want to leave the house anyway. Once the initial set-up of the phone apps was done, these video things worked well, in my opinion.

Have you had one of these video appointments with your health care doctors?

9 thoughts on “Sunset on a day of different doctor appointments

  1. I had one appointment cancelled and received a text saying I would receive a phone call. I am still waiting. It is not urgent, but I wish they wouldn’t promise calls that don’t come. This has happened twice before – long before the pandemic. I’m pleased yours worked well.


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