A break from COVID-19 and the net

We’ve been in “isolation” at home since February 25th. Just shy of 40 days. Only been out three times, and those just driving around, never got out of the car. Days include watching TV, streaming Netflix and of course the news conferences of both federal and state ‘leaders’. COVID-19 always there. Oh, and reading blogs, writing for this blog, and in general spending way too much time on this computer.

One I made yesterday

Yesterday I just could not get my brain to think about anything computer or COVID-19. I took a break and decided to get out my leather stuff. I make leather pouches (sometimes called medicine bags) to sell at the festivals and shows we love attending. With the coronavirus related shutdowns and closures it will remain to be seen when we’ll be able to go to one.

I really enjoyed the break from the computer.

12 thoughts on “A break from COVID-19 and the net

  1. How are you keeping supplied? I figured that I could simply have everything delivered, but Walmart, Costco, Target, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Jet, Sam’s Club are out-of-stock on many essentials. I tried to order groceries from Instacart and Amazon Fresh, but there were no delivery times available. Hoarders have made life almost desperate for the rest of us.

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    • David we are very fortunate, our son who lives with us goes shopping for us. He has been out twice now, once to Kroger and once to Walmart. He was able to get most of our shopping lists. Some essentials are gone from stores, but we have been able to make it without any problem. This COVID-19 mess is waking people up to how fragile our food distribution system really is. Hope you find a way to re-supply soon. Stay safe, and thanks for visiting us here.


      • I was reading that there are plenty of supplies, but that some people are buying more than they need.

        It was 4 weeks into the crisis before local stores started to limit quantities.

        Shoppers who would normally purchase a roll of paper towels were buying ten.

        So most of the inventory is just sitting, unused, on the shelves of people who hoarded.

        Meanwhile, people who shop normally have none.

        The puzzling thing is that perishable items, like eggs, are also being hoarded. Usually, the store has too many eggs, but people were buying six dozen instead of one or two.

        Perishable items will probably spoil before people can even use them. I had a dozen eggs that actually expired before I could eat them. Eggs can’t be frozen so I have no idea what people are thinking except that they are panic buying.

        If people shopped normally, stores would be fully stocked, and everyone would have food and essentials.

        The stores are really to blame for allowing people to hoard.

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  2. I encourage you to get your head wrapped around what you LOVE to do. Take a break, a LONG one from the news. You will be amazed how much better you will feel. I refuse to watch the news. Being the sensitive I am, I choose not to hook into it. I get involved in what I LOVE. In fact I am headed outdoors right now to continue opening my gardens. And then take pictures of my flowers to show you in an oncoming post. (smile) Have a great weekend working on your leathers!! xo

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