Coronavirus is causing us to change our April

April is usually the month we start getting ready for spring festivals to sell our glass pendants.  The pendants all need to be shined and all tablecloths washed.  Usually we are getting ready for antique shows, where we sell antiques that we collect all year.  In fact our first show of the year is usually in April. This year we’re not even sure if there will be any festivals or shows for us to go to.

Selling our pendants at an Austin show

We have gotten everything for the spring, but doesn’t look like we will able to do any.  Not even sure that we can do any at all this summer. We are hoping that by fall things will back to normal, but we can’t count on it.

We’ve been in Texas for most of the winter and came back at the end of Feb. because of Coronavirus.  Then when it was suggested that older people and people with other diseases were high risk, it caused us to “shelter in place” at our home.  We still have family, kids and grand-kids that live in Indiana and Ohio and we’ve postponed seeing them for the time being.

We use facetime a lot and it has helped keep our sanity.  Very thankful for all we do have.  We have a warm home, food, and don’t have the virus.  We have books to read, movies to watch and facetime with family.  We have time to get caught up reading blogs we haven’t had a chance to read.  And, we are so grateful for all our online friends that keep us on our toes.

Keep safe!!!


12 thoughts on “Coronavirus is causing us to change our April

    • Thanks, John. So much is up in the air with this virus thing. We just take it day at a time. Have to! They keep saying we’ll get through this. We will, but the question is what will things be like when it’s “over”.

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      • Solid question. I see small businesses and similar going under. As for the big companies, I suppose they have enough fat to make it. People losing homes and cars for non-payment. Marriage issues? I hope I am wrong…


  1. Glad to hear you are weathering the storm as best you can. It’s tough not being able to continue with a normal routine. Perhaps all of us will learn a little something about ourselves and come out stronger and better people at the end. Stay safe.


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