LEGO long distance babysitting

Our 5 year old grandson lives in Seattle with his parents. Both our daughter and son-in-law are currently working from home because of the coronavirus, work that requires both phone calls and meetings via video-conferencing, as well as other tasks that require their giving full attention. Our grandson is also staying home from his pre-school.

Sher and I have the absolute pleasure of distant babysitting our grandson via video conferencing technology. He loves building things with his extensive LEGO collection.  When we connect, we are treated to a little show complete with his latest Lego creation and its associated story line. We get to see a new play each time complete with a song! We absolutely love talking with him and seeing all those LEGO creations he is working on daily. Being home is hard for him as he is used to being in preschool with his little friends. Lots of pent up energy there!

Not only do we get to “babysit” our grandson which is a treat for us, but we can give his parents some time while they are working from home that they can have to themselves. Plus it gives us something else to do. This isolation thing does get rather boring at times.

What are you doing to pass the time during these tense and uncertain times?

12 thoughts on “LEGO long distance babysitting

  1. Hello Maj and Sher, This is an excellent way to stay connected with your grandson and help your children remotely. I can still go out for a walk while keeping a safe distance from other people. Where I walk it’s mostly empty and that helps. I also exercise, practice yoga, read books and work on small home projects. Stay safe!


  2. Yes, thank goodness for technology as we all work to occupy our newly expanded personal time. The Lego babysitting is marvelously creative and I’m sure your grandson loves showing you his creation. Congrats on figuring out a way to be more involved.


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