Local talent at a local cafe in Frostproof, Florida

Buddy on the guitar and singing

Buddy on the guitar and singing

We went to a nifty little cafe at Frostproof, Florida that had RV parking (see our review) and decided to stay a second night. After supper at the Orange Box we stayed around for the Tuesday entertainment on the outside screened in porch.

The entertainment was provided by Singer/Cover Artist Buddy Lyn.  Buddy sang and played his guitar and had a sound track system for accompaniments to his singing. He sang some of the great country songs from Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Roy Clark and more. Buddy was glad to take requests: nobody asked for anything he could not sing for the crowd.

Buddy also had a friend from Alabama who also sang some songs. Scotty was a good performer and had all of his songs memorized and did not use the prompter. Everyone also enjoyed it when Scotty sang.

Buddy sings every Tuesday and will be back Friday and Saturday nights as well. This Friday his singing partner

Scotty on the mic

Scotty on the mic

Diane will be with him at the Orange Box. We are planning to go back and hear them both perform their Kenny Rogers/Crystal Gayle songs. The Orange Box Cafe provides a nice evening of music on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7 to 9.

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