Our first flea market

The reason we first went to a flea market was to have something to do.  Very simple.  We were looking for things to do and me, being an almost extreme couponer had an over abundance of health and beauty supplies.

So we head to a Wednesday morning flea market called White’s in Brookville, Indiana.  What we found was that we could come over on Tuesday and set up our things to sell.  Hey!  Did we just get a free night of camping?  Now this was 2 years before we went full time in Roadtirement so we didn’t quite grasp the impact of what we had found.  We only had to pay for our flea market space and $5 for the use of electricity.

Excitedly we made back the money for our expenses plus paid for our gas coming and going and we had a ball meeting and talking with people.

One thought on “Our first flea market

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