Selling our home of 20 years

It was a tough time selling our home. Yes, I said our home, not house. This four bedroom ranch had seen the raising of five kids with all those good and challenging times. Sometimes we got really sad remembering all those years. We did, however, soon come to realize that we were selling a house that we no longer needed to enable us to go full time on the road. Our doubts slipped away.

We had nearly twenty years of accumulated “stuff” in the house. Some of the things fell into the “why do we still have this” category. Other things (like family history records and photos) fell into the “what are we going to do with this” category. The impact of listing the house was felt quickly: we had an accepted offer to purchase four days after the house was listed!

Selling "stuff"

Selling “stuff”

Yard sales, Craigslist and giving things to our kids all helped in the getting rid of stuff.  We had to decide what to take with us on the road. We had to store some things. But when it was all said and done the house was sold and we bought our new Keystone Hideout travel trailer.

2 thoughts on “Selling our home of 20 years

  1. I just seen this on fb Sherry! you two are to awesome! I can see you are having a blast. Keep me updated and send this to my email every now and then so I can read it, I will forget how to find it! Natalie is one week today, they came over last night for Dave’s bday! She is so cute! Miss you guys and keep on truckn! Love, Rhonda


  2. Wow I have no idea how you did that.

    We too sold our home last year to travel and after only 4 years of owning it we found it very tough. All we raised there was our lovely orange cat!

    Enjoy the road x


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