Buying our Keystone Hideout 260LHS

The die was cast: it was time to get an RV trailer that would be suitable for our roadtirement. We had the Starcraft AR-ONE for a trade. We now had a pickup truck with a 7500 pound towing capacity.  After researching online we decided to go to Walnut Ridge Family RV in New Castle, Indiana.

IMG_3483_resized (2)

The Walnut Ridge  staff welcomed us late one afternoon. The Keystone brand was on our list of brands to consider, and, as it turned out, the dealership was having a special on Keystone travel trailers.


Our decision to go with the Hideout model 260LHS was based on several factors. The master bedroom had a short queen bed, and both of us could get in and out of it without having to climb over the other. This was a must, as the Starcraft did not allow that. The kitchen was fine, with a decent sized fridge. There was a three burner stove and an oven.


The bathroom had a full sized porcelain commode by Dometic. The tub was small, but the shower was fine and it was easy to get into. A second bed with drop down bunk would allow for storage and sleeping room when we had our grandchildren along for trips. Basement storage was more than adequate for us.

The quality of the Keystone Hideout immediately stood out to both of us. Cabinet doors and drawers were solid when operated. The fit of the interior trim was excellent. Electrical outlets were positioned well, and were firmly installed.

The Keystone Hideout 260LHS became our roadtirement home!

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