Got lunch at a local Mexican restaurant

Lunch time today led us to a local Mexican restaurant in one of Shelbyville Indiana’s strip malls. This one has has been open for a few years and goes by the name Cholula and bills itself as having authentic Mexican food.

The decor is the first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant. The tables are all decorated in Old Mexico theme artwork. The highbacked chairs are also adorned with brightly colored rustic scenes from south of the border. In addition, there are a couple of vintage black and white  scenes from old Mexico.

Our tabletop art

Chairback art

Awesome old photos

The lunch crowd had pretty well finished when we got there, so immediate seating was no problem. Like most all restaurants of this genre a bowl of fresh chips and a couple of bowls of salsa were soon on our table. We then ordered margaritas.

The margarita!

The typical appetizer









Our food was ordered, and in a short period of time it was brought to our table. The food was hot and delivered on hot plates too. Sher ordered a good vegetarian plate with a bean burrito, cheese enchilada and rice. I had the beef chimichanga with all the trimmings and rice.

Sher’s vegetarian plate

Maj’s beef chimichanga






All in all the food was ok, really about the same as most midscale Mexican restaurants.



6 thoughts on “Got lunch at a local Mexican restaurant

  1. Try Maya’s. It’s just down the road from Cholula, right off I-74 at the corner of Progress Parkway. Salsa bar, bean dip and chips to your table, and the food is great!


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