Hard Truth Distilling Co. cinnamon vodka

Here I am tasting the Cinnamon Vodka

Nashville is in Brown County, one of Indiana’s most popular tourist destinations. Last year we found the Hard Truth Distilling Co. on the outskirts of this quaint little town.

Hard Truth began in Nashville above a pizza parlor, and has developed into a full tasting facility and a separate restaurant, all set on beautifully landscaped grounds just outside of town. We went to the tasting room, where we each had samples of many of the distillery’s products.

We liked many of the offerings, however our absolute favorite was the Cinnamon Vodka. This spirit is made with their original, wheat-based vodka and premium, natural ingredients to produce an awesome true cinnamon flavor drinking experience. This has 30% alcohol by volume, in other words 60 Proof.

Photo courtesy Hard Truth Distillery

We enjoy it mixed with lime soda, as a chilled straight shot and even in coffee and tea. There are several recipes utilizing this great spirit on the Hard Truth website. Well worth your time to visit the site.


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