World War I Model T Ford Ambulances

My grandfather was an ambulance driver in Section 625 of the United States Army Ambulance Corps (USAAC) during World War I. His unit was attached to the French Army.

Note the Indian Head design on the back panel. The wrapped package on the top holds two spare tires.

This framed canvas Indian Head came from Granddaddy’s ambulance. The “SSU-1” stands for Sanitary Service Unit 1.

Granddaddy learned to drive the Ford Model T ambulances at the fairgrounds race track at Allentown, Pennsylvania. His unit shipped overseas via troopship from New York Harbor. The ambulances performed well, and were remarkably effective driving across the war torn battlefields of France.

9 thoughts on “World War I Model T Ford Ambulances

  1. I have a signed copy of “Ambulance No. 10” by Leslie Bushwell. That was my first knowledge of how terrifying it was for those drivers. You must be very proud.


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