Legends of the lowly dandelion

You have seen them. People love them or hate them. People eat them. Yes, that is the dandelion. There is quite a bit of folklore connected to the dandelion.

Dandelions are related to sunflowers

Each “puffer” has between 150 -200 seeds









No one knows when the first person believed this: If you blow all of the white flying seeds off of a dandelion in one breath your wish will come true. There is also a belief that sending the seeds in the wind will carry your thoughts and dreams to those you love. In addition, some think blowing all the seeds in one breath means your love is true and is returned. Other stories include using the flowers as weather predicters, and the daily opening and closing of flowers indicating time of day.


19 thoughts on “Legends of the lowly dandelion

  1. Have you had dandelion wine? A friend’s mom used to make it when I was a kid. I like dandelions. But I don’t have a lawn so they are not a bother.


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  3. Growing up in the Midwest, I used to see and blow dandelions all the time, for the very reasons you’ve named here. Since living in Florida, I don’t see them at all.


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