National Road “modern improvements” in Ohio in 1916

Photo on the Eagles Nest Interpretive Marker showing travel on the National Highway

The Eagle’s Nest monument on the National Road (US 40) was erected around 1916 after a 29 mile stretch of the then unimproved and often nearly impassable road was replaced with concrete. The stretch of highway ran from Zanesville to Hebron and is east of Columbus. It is at the highest elevation of the road in Ohio.

Eagle’s Nest Monument, Interpretive Sign on right

The monument is a large granite rock with some interesting inscriptions carved into the surface. The photos show some of the details of the inscriptions, including a Conestoga wagon and mileage to Cumberland, Maryland, the starting point of the road. The completion of the experimental concrete stretch of the road led to a large parade when it opened.

Conestoga wagon etched into the granite

Ironically the day we stopped here the conditions were very muddy and wet. What a reminder of some of the early muddy conditions that the early travelers faced as they traveled across country.

You are 220 miles from the start of the National Road in Cumberland, MD.

A large interpretive sign was installed next to the monument in 2000. A well attended ceremony was held in a church near the site. You can visit the record of that ceremony here. This page displays the entire interpretive sign and other details.


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