Could have been embarrassing

Here’s a live action shot of a not so coordinated squirrel. We thought it was worth a replay.


Sher and I see it everyday: squirrels hopping from tree to overhead lines and back again. This morning we saw a juvenile squirrel almost miss.

This fellow was going from the tree branch to the immediate left over to the wire. Usually a small stretch is all that’s required. He missed getting his back legs on the wire, and he ended up in the position you see.Β  A little struggle and he was successfully on his way down the wire.

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11 thoughts on “Could have been embarrassing

  1. When I was a kid riding my bicycle, I saw a squirrel walking the bottom wire and the poor thing fell off. It made a huge slapping sound when it hit the ground. Ouch! πŸ˜‚


  2. I used to live in my little old house with a large yard and a few towering Elm Trees. One summer the young Grey Squirrels were much too crazy – racing around and 3 of them missed the branch and ended up on the ground. Two of them were fine, but one broke it’s back in the fall and was dragging the back legs. He was still fast, but with the help of a neighbour, we caught it and took it to a rescue. They had to euthanize him though.


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