Statues of the Presidents in Rapid City, South Dakota

It was in 2000 when a furniture maker and businessman in Rapid City,  South Dakota brainstormed an idea that resulted in yet another attraction in this historic South Dakota city of 70,000. Don Purdue envisioned a City of Presidents with life sized bronze statues of each President of the United States located on street corners along two main streets.

Andrew Jackson

Martin Van Buren

Calvin Coolidge

Ronald Reagan

Dwight Eisenhower

JFK and his son

These statues have very different poses, all of which relate to things common to that president with the goal of humanizing the statue, not dwelling on any political themes. They are all at street level and visitors have great photo ops. Go ahead, sit on Lincoln’s lap or stand next to FDR as he gives the “date which will live in infamy” speech. Trump’s statue has been commissioned, but has not yet been finished nor final location determined.

14 thoughts on “Statues of the Presidents in Rapid City, South Dakota

  1. I have been there on a few occasions and have taken some pictures. Some of which are pictured here. They are amazing and a must see. Can’t wait to get back (have family there) and see President Trump.


    • I did read a newspaper article that said that the artist has been commissioned for the Trump statue, but when it’ll be done or where it is going has not been finalized. That was late 2021. Hope you get back to see the statues but more importantly your family! Thanks for sharing!


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