Tarzan and Jane final resting place

Original 1927 movie poster

Several actors and actresses played the parts of Tarzan and Jane while bringing Edgar Rice Burroughs’ many novels to the big screen. One of those actors was a man named James H. Pierce. He was discovered by Burroughs himself at a party at the Tarzana Ranch and was hired to play the jungle hero in the 1927 film Tarzan and the Golden Lion.

The next year Jim Pierce married Edgar Rice Burroughs’ daughter Joan. The happy couple starred as the voices of Tarzan and Jane for the Tarzan radio show from 1932 to 1936.








Jim pierce was originally from Shelbyville, Indiana. He and wife Joan and other relatives are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Shelbyville. Their family plot is similar to many in the cemetery. However, only on Jim and Joan’s gravestones will you find the names “Tarzan” and “Jane”.

May they Rest In Peace

20 thoughts on “Tarzan and Jane final resting place

  1. Wonderful history snippet. I never got into Tarzan. Although he was so ingrained in the culture that when we had ropes to swing on when I was a kid we all did the Tarzan yell.


  2. Thanks for posting. Like other early Gen X’ers I grew up with the Johnny Weissmuller 30s and 40s Tarzan movies on TV. Was not aware of the earlier silent film or radio versions by Pierce. It would be interesting to compare them.

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