Blue Jay enjoying a suet cake

Blue jays love suet, and they like suet feeders set on a tree trunk allowing them to solidly perch, as opposed to hanging feeders that sway. This jay was really enjoying the suet cage we set against one of our backyard trees. Blue jays are very intelligent, and some believe that they are capable of remembering individual human faces.


18 thoughts on “Blue Jay enjoying a suet cake

  1. Birds are some of most intelligent creatures on the planet. According to Animal Planet channel the crow was considered the #1 most intelligent animal beside the human being. Above the dog, pig,


  2. The Italian jays are brown and blue. I had one for 5 years. The nestling fell from its nest. All corvids can talk like parrots. Attila, my jay, mimicked the clothesline, phone ringing, and when I set the table he would call my husband by name. He was not caged but free to fly in the house in the winter. In the summer he had a large aviary. He loved to sit near the kitchen sink while I washed the dishes. He was one of a kind. We set him free, he came back to feed a few times then never came back.


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