Views around our yard

Wild strawberries

Water drops and fungus

Morning glories

Morning glory vines on mint

Wild strawberries, sage, and a Canadian rock

The last photo shows a rock labeled “Canadian”. We did not get it from a trip to Canada, rather it ended up in Central Indiana by means of widespread glaciation during the Pleistocene epoch. This piece is a metamorphic rock made of granitic minerals. There are thousands of such rocks of all sizes that were pushed here by the glaciers, and left here when the glaciers melted. This one now has a home in our flower and herb garden.


19 thoughts on “Views around our yard

  1. Lovely photos of your blooms and oddly enough we live on a moraine. This is where a glacial movement came to an end and deposited many rocks . And also it is still a source of our water.


    • Glacial geology and stratigraphy is fascinating and can be very complicated. (My undergrad degree was in Geology) Neat that you are on a moraine. There are piles and piles of glacial deposited boulders, some car sized, in our county. Amazing specimens. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Anne.

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