Haunted Baby Doll Bridge or Hays Bridge

This historic metal bridge is very close to the driveway leading to the Hays Cemetery in Hancock County, Indiana in the east central part of the state.

Looking North on CR 675 E

Looking south, entrance road to Hays Cemetery is on the horizon

ID plaque with details of the history of the bridge







Sugar Creek, looking East from bridge








This bridge is 92 feet in length and is described as a “Fixed, Metal 6 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Through Truss”. The bridge was designed by Winfield Fries, an engineering firm in Greenfield, the Hancock County Seat. The Columbia Bridge Works of Dayton, Ohio constructed the bridge in 1887.  It spans Sugar Creek.

Cut stone abutment and wingwall

Original wood decking has been replaced with open grating







Almost as a mate to the rumors of haunts at nearby Hays Cemetery, the legends of paranormal activity also are attached, at least locally, to this, the Hays Bridge. Reported have been sightings (after dark of course) of forlorn cries of a baby and the vision of a ghostly woman pushing an old fashioned baby carriage across the north end of the bridge. Locals still refer to this as the Baby Doll Bridge.

20 thoughts on “Haunted Baby Doll Bridge or Hays Bridge

  1. Thanks – there was an old iron (I think it was iron) bridge about 3 miles from where I live now. Some fool truck driver thought he had clearance and couldn’t quite make the turn. End of bridge. :-(. It was historic now it is nothing. I don’t thinkt here were any ghosts associated though. I hope these people take care of their bridge.


    • Thanks for sharing, and hate to hear that. I remember a few years ago a driver took a semi over an old historic bridge. The bridge and the truck ended up in the river. Driver said she didn’t know how much her truck and load weighed. Duh…


  2. A haunted bridge. Interesting to think about. Cool old bridge. I guess they are are having a problem with the Golden Gate Bridge singing in the wind that is starting to annoy people. There was a bridge in the 40’s, I believe, that twisted and buckled in the wind and collapsed.


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