A big song from a tiny bird

Outside our window came a very pretty and loud song. If someone cares to offer their opinion as to what species this is, please feel free to chime in!

34 thoughts on “A big song from a tiny bird

  1. Oh, the Carolina Wrens…crazy little buggers. If we don’t close our mailbox at our front door, they will nest in it. I’ve had them nesting in Christmas wreaths on the door. An old doggie wash tub, hung up on the fence, backwards, became a yearly nest for a returning pair…until the squirrels got into it.

    They can be as fussy as Mockingbirds. I can hear them, now…”Yid, yid, yid, yid, yid, yid, yid…!!!” I call them the marshmallow peeps of the world because that is what they remind me of, in shape. Little bandits (markings). They tickle the hell out of me.

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  2. The Carolina Wrens are characters! They can sound so pretty, like your video but they also have this very loud, scolding type of sound they make when they’re trying to scare the other birds from the feeders. I can hear them from inside when my windows are open.


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