Feline confrontation

Our neighbor has a gray cat who spends as much time in our yard as her yard. It is rather territorial, and has little tolerance for other cats intruding in “its” domain.

Notice the hair raised on gray’s back

The other day a black cat came into the yard, leading to what looked like a possible confrontation in the making. Gray cat stalked the black cat over the approximate 50 feet distance between them in full predator mode: crouching and moving forward in slow hunting style.

Soon after black spotted gray ready to pounce, it moved on

Fortunately the black cat moved on when it saw gray cat approaching. The episode ended without it coming to blows. That is not always the case, as we have seen and heard some pretty loud cat fights in the past.


30 thoughts on “Feline confrontation

  1. Growing up I had a gray cat that looked very similar to that one. He was also extremely territorial and feared among the other animals in the area. Strangely enough, he originally belonged to our neighbors whose daughter brought him home from college and then couldn’t keep him. When the neighbors moved away, they asked us to take the cat, as he was so attached to his territory and they didn’t think he would be happy moving with them. He was wonderfully affectionate with us, but there were a lot of fights when other animals came around.

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