Musings about our Whale Watching Cruise

We went on this trip several years ago. It is something we hope to do again this summer.


Sometimes you experience something that is so awesome that you wish everybody could do it. And that is what happens to me on the Island Mariner Whale Watch Cruise. There is just something about seeing those big, beautiful whales in their natural habitat coming up out of the water that is emotionally breathtaking. We share this world with some magnificent creatures and getting to see them is an experience I wish everyone in the world could witness. It made me realize how small we are in this big world and just how much there is to explore, how much man knows and how much he doesn’t know.

A most thrilling sight to see! A most thrilling sight to see!

Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for our trip. We arrived before the 9:30AM time that is recommended and unloaded the things we had packed to take with us, quickly got our tickets and got…

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15 thoughts on “Musings about our Whale Watching Cruise

  1. I used to live in Southern California and spent lots of time in Baja to – so we’d get notice from folks who lived near the beach when whales were on the move and would sit on rocks or shore and watch them migrate.


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