An up close and personal meeting


At an RV Park in central Florida we met the local resident Sandhill crane.

This crane obviously owned the park, as we saw him walking down the center of roads and blatantly ignoring the accepted RV park protocol of not walking through another camper’s site. I was only about 3 feet from him for the close up head shot.

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20 thoughts on “An up close and personal meeting

  1. Lucky you! Did you try to pet it, I would have. Our neighbor had one tied up on his lawn. It got scared by a cat and got loose and flew into our yard. Poor thing, he had hurt his leg. I had to be careful while handling him. That beak is dangerous especially if they’re terrified. I covered his eyes with a hanky, picked him up with his beak towards my back, and delivered the crane to my neighbor. I love animals and they seem to know I will do them no harm.


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