Buck Creek Winery case club

Yes, we enjoy a good glass of wine. One of our favorite wineries when we are not traveling is the Buck Creek Winery, southeast of Indianapolis off of I-74 Exit 99. They offer a “buy it by the case” club that gives you very nice savings. (A case of wine is 12 of the 750ml bottles.) After buying a case in January or February at 15% off, any other cases that year are a full 20% off. This is a substantial saving that adds up over the course of a year.

When the owners see us come in they recognize us right off and ask if we want our usual case. Kind of like the old TV show Cheers. Remember it’s “Where everybody knows your name”. We like this place.

10 thoughts on “Buck Creek Winery case club

  1. Can you mix a case or is it the same wine per case? I used to occasionally go out to lunch with the group that went to lunch everyday at the office (I usually eat at my desk and rarely take an actual lunch break), whichever restaurant we went to, the waitstaff would ask everyone what they wanted except for WCW. He always ordered the exact same thing.


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