“Large Arch” public art in Columbus Indiana

Columbus, Indiana is noted for its architecture and public art displays. One of the most impressive art pieces is a huge bronze creation titled Large Arch. It was installed in 1971, and was a gift from the J. Irwin Miller family to the library. It is located on the plaza outside of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library. (J. Irwin Miller founded the Cummins Corporation.)

Library is the brick building in the left background

The following description is from a Wikipedia article: “Large Arch is an abstract bronze sculpture of an arch created by Henry Moore, an English artist. The shape of the sculpture suggests human hip and leg bones, while the negative space on the interior of the arch suggests an abstracted human torso with head. It is 19 feet 6 inches tall. The width of the sculpture at its base is 12 feet 3 inches wide, but is 13 feet 9 inches at its widest at the top. While the sculpture is hollow, it weighs approximately 11,000 lb (5,000 kg).”

This massive sculpture will certainly catch your eye. In the warmer weather people do enjoy the plaza next to the library.


20 thoughts on ““Large Arch” public art in Columbus Indiana

  1. The shape of the arch reminds me of the 1980s movie title Alien. H.R. Giger did a fantastic job creating the aliens and the ship they used that crashed on the planet known as LV426.


  2. thanks for sharing – it’s good to have your connection with it as well as the background info. I like abstract art, but find some difficult to get. This definitely helped. 🙂


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