A wet start to 2022

Rain falling, dripping off the Christmas lights

We are starting 2022 off with a drab and wet day here in central Indiana. It’s been raining all morning and the rain continues as this post is written. We’ve had about a half inch of precipitation since early this morning. It’s suppose to stop later this afternoon, then colder temps move in.

We usually take down the Christmas decorations before New Years Day. Too much crummy weather has kept us from taking down the outside lights yet. It is not fun nor really safe to mess with the ladder when it’s raining!

The temperatures are going to drop overnight tonight. We could easily see snowfall tomorrow morning when we wake up! Oh well, it is January. Hopefully your weather is not bad for the start of New Year 2022.

39 thoughts on “A wet start to 2022

  1. The rain sounds so peaceful, but you know very well that snow is on its heels! Nothing like that here today guys, it’s a high temperature around 45 and the wind is howling as usual. Not a good day for a bike ride! And poor Wilson outside in all that weather… 😂 Happy New Year!

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  2. Just found your posts! 😊❤️ Thank you for sharing your world… most days have been cold, damp, misty rain since Christmas in Pennsylvania….We cherish our moments with family, friends..❤️


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  4. Your weather sounds like our Florida weather. We have been near 80 degrees every day since Christmas–so the A/C has been on. Tomorrow night we dip down into the 30’s. How we all don’t stay sick with this crazy weather is beyond me.


    • We have not had the AC on, but for a few days we did have the screen doors open. We’ve had several times where the high of the day came in the overnight hours. Strange indeed. Thanks for sharing lois.


  5. Fortunately, our recent heavy rains have helped with our Southern California drought conditions. Now with my rain collectors filled with 150 gal of rainwater, that will keep me from having to use my own tap water for my outside edibles and trees… for a little while anyway.

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