Cotton Candy Grapes taste, ah, different

No pink, sugary, fluffy and sticky confection here

There it was : grapes labeled Cotton Candy

We thought the name on the bag of grapes was a cute company name: Cotton Candy. But no, that was the name and flavor of the grapes themselves. Welcome to the wonderful world of designer fruit.

They are not GMO. Seriously, they are not.

Our daughter tells us that this brand of grapes shows up just once a year, and is usually found on the grocery shelves for at most a few weeks in August and September.  The grapes are grown by a California company named the Grapery. And yes, they do taste like cotton candy!

Details are listed here on the package.

The history is that this variety of grapes was developed over a period of eight years of cross-breeding different strains of grapes. The hybrid Cotton Candy Grape is the result that is available now each fall. The Grapery has its vineyards in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley. The Grapery has other varieties of unique grapes, including Gum Drops and Moon Drops. Look for them during your next grocery shopping trip.

35 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Grapes taste, ah, different

  1. My daughter loves these grapes, but the rest of us aren’t crazy about them. LOL! I was surprised by how much they do taste like cotton candy, but just not prepared for a grape to taste like cotton candy. 🙂


  2. They say the California is the land of fruits and nuts, so I not surprised to see cotton candy grapes. I never liked cotton candy. I do like sour grapes.


  3. I remember trying them when they first hit the shelves, years ago now, and yeah they do taste like cotton-candy. Not my cuppa tea though, although I do wonder what a wine made from them would taste like. 🙂


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