Got our detectors out of storage

Our metal detector gear, digging tools and headphones

A day or two ago I was trying to ride my bike, my legs gave out and I ended up with 2 scraped knees. Hmmm…. that’s when we pulled out the metal detectors.  Dusted them off, put in new batteries and much to our surprise – they still worked! So, about our  metal detectors, yes we have ’em.  Maj has a Garrett  GTP 1350  and I have a Whites  CoinMaster.  We bought them a few years ago when we were convinced we were going to find hidden treasure!  (smiling face)  Anyway Joshua  Gates , from Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown really inspired us to do something with our detectors. Joshua uses metal detectors a lot in his searches for treasure and other artifacts. Doing a google search I found that metal detecting is a very good hobby for senior citizens.  

I don’t know if we’re going to find buried treasures, but we might find a few coins and maybe even a piece of jewelry.  We haven’t figured out how well we will be able to bend down and actually dig.  But, it is good exercise and we may just look for surface treasures.  

Why are we doing this? We are getting ready for our next big adventure.  We’re leaving it up to everyone to guess where we are going.  I’d give a prize but don’t have anything really to give that would be good.  Only thing is, you will know if you’ve guessed right.  

The first hint: it is west of our home state of Indiana…

~ Sher

50 thoughts on “Got our detectors out of storage

  1. It’s a bitch when you get old enough to enjoy life, parts start to give you warning signs. If it were me, I would get some compression socks and compression knee pads and keep going. Oh! a hiking pole will take the place of a cane, and look cool! Good Luck and have a blast!

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  2. I usta dig Heavy Metal, but I hardly ever listen to it anymore…
    I don’t know where you’re headed, but if you’re going to visit the General Sherman sequoia, could you PLEEEZE stop by & pick me up?

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  3. That’s funny. I just bought my 9 year old grandson a metal detector for his birthday. He enjoys exploring the dry washes so I thought it would be fun. And a trip to the ocean in a few weeks will be fun too.

    So… you? South Dakota in search of gold?

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