Rain rain go away

The rain started last night at midnight. Sixteen hours later it has let up, but more is forecast tonight and tomorrow. This is really putting the damper on preparations for our Highway 40 Yard Sale.

We have set up some of our tables, put out a little bit of merchandise, and covered up with waterproof tarps. All day we have been watching the tables, but no wind to speak of and tarps have remained in place. Other vendors are also waiting to get set for the sale that was scheduled to start today.

53 thoughts on “Rain rain go away

  1. That’s too bad. It’s supposed to start raining here (I’m in Buffalo) around 8 p.m. They said it was going to rain all night & into tomorrow but it seems like this forecast has changed & now it’s just a few showers. We really need the rain. (Buffalo is urban but all around us are farms … NY is great that way). A good all-day rain would be good. But when you are planning a big sale like you are, rain is the last thing you need. I hope someday to check out that sale.

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    • People set up literally along Historic Highway 40 in parking lots, yards, churches or wherever they can rent or get a space to set out the stuff they want to sell. Then literally thousands of folks travel the road, some travel many many miles looking for bargains. The route runs from Baltimore to St Louis.

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  2. Mistur an Missus Road youss are inn Inndiana??? That iss LadyMew’ss faverite State (alongn with Kentucky). Shee wantd to move to Inndiana ’bout 45 yeerss ago…. Shee sayss those cloudss toetallee look like “Inndiana Cloudss”….
    She meowed youss’ wuud understand! πŸ˜‰
    **purrss** an Guud Luck BellaDharma an LadyMew two…

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