Seen at an Indiana winery

Looking like lavender. Such a deep, rich and royal color!

19 thoughts on “Seen at an Indiana winery

  1. … myself, I have just taken to spreading a few drops of lavender oil in my shed a very few days to keep the cat out. The shed belongs to my pitch only but neither the cat not the site owner (who should) are very much interested in repairs, so the resident cat seems to forget it doesn’t like lavender and sneaks back in. And I sure don’t like that smell.:-) – I’d rather see lavender out in the field there. Beautiful.

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  3. Hi Maj and Sher,
    Beautiful plant. The leaves around it suggest May Night Purple Salvia. The only reason I know is I have such a bush in my garden, though nowhere near as big as this one!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,


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