West Side Pub & Grub

Friday night is usually (for some) a date night. Well, this last Friday Sher and I decided to have a real date night. Off we went to a local bar named the West Side Pub & Grub. It used to be a semi rough place a couple of decades ago, but now it is a comfortable local bar that happens to serve great food. And we mean great food.

Early Friday night the crowd was small, maybe a dozen or so patrons. Sher ordered a frozen strawberry margarita, I opted for a Blue Moon long neck.Β  I had heard that this place served a wonderful breaded tenderloin, and the fried spicy cheese curds we also highly recommended by our wait staff.

Shortly our food arrived. The fried cheese curds came in a miniature fryer basket, Cute. My tenderloin was HUGE. The picture tells the story, except it does not show how thick the tenderloin was. (3/8 to 1/2 inch) And so good. The fried spicy cheese curds were most delicious as well.

We found out there will be a live band next Saturday night. We’ll be back at the West Side Pub & Grub for dinner, followed by enjoying what is said to be a great live band. And our bartender explained that the restaurant locally sources all of the meat and most of the other supplies for the kitchen. That is also a very good thing.

21 thoughts on “West Side Pub & Grub

  1. I grew up in Iowa, and loved nothing more than a good pork tenderloin just like yours — with an A&W root beer. I have an aunt who lives in the Kansas City area, and every time I get up there we go to a little place in Blue Springs that produces a splendid one. There are places here in Texas that try, but they just can’t do it right.

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  2. Glad to see you two out on a date and having fun. It’s been a long time since my wife and I went out on a proper date. Hoping that the pandemic ends soon so we can all safely go out. Enjoy and keep safe!


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