Can you say icicle?

Driving around today we spotted these quite impressive icicles.

Hope the people who live there are careful. Those icicles are very heavy, and will probably fall before they melt. There is heavy snow predicted starting Monday morning. We hope it does not mess up our vaccine appointments set for Monday afternoon.

25 thoughts on “Can you say icicle?

  1. And it can get worse. We just had a tremendous ice storm in Portland last night and besides that kind of icicle on eves, our street and yards are like war zones with large branches which got ice-coated breaking off and blocking streets and sidewalks. The chain saw crews are out today and we have to keep reminding people out walking, not to pass under the limbs which are still breaking off. At least it’s not wildfires this time!!

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  2. We are getting bad weather too, was supposed to be mixed with snow, but seems to be mainly freezing rain. My second vaccine is on Monday the 22nd. They come to us, but if the weather is bad, they might not come. At least I don’t have to drag myself out there.

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