Orange barrels in winter

Road construction in the middle of our town continues this winter

Yes there are crews working today

What you see used to be a traffic circle. The new plan calls for the cross streets to intersect in the middle, passing straight through the town square.Β  Right now there is one lane each way running around one side of the old traffic circle. It’s quite confusing.

22 thoughts on “Orange barrels in winter

  1. So they are going back to a traffic light? Our little town went crazy and now we only have one stoplight and that is on the State Highway crossroads. Every street that intersected with another was turned into a traffic circle. They couldn’t be happy with JUST a traffic circle after a few were completed…….then they placed traffic circles where you had to cross over and drive on the opposite side of the road and then get to the traffic circle……….it was a mess for a long time and the older folks had a time adjusting! The town is always doing TRAFFIC STUDIES and spending money! We live in a town of 11,000, so not much traffic to begin with!

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